Northam Open 2018 Review

The sun was out in Northam and so were all the WA floorball players.

Northam held its 6th Northam Floorball Open, and with this year being one of the largest competitions in the six year history, many players travelled to Northam to enjoy the day with friends and family and play some good competitive floorball.

This year we had 2 divisions running. An Open division which had 6 teams, one comprising of the recently selected national womens players and then 5 of the strongest and equal mens teams we have seen in the competition. The mixed division comprised of 8 teams with a Northam team and a number of WA club teams who play in the mixed division 1 and mixed division 2 FWA summer league.

The day went without a hitch with all games running on time thanks to our former Vice President David Hay (now our Junior Development Officer) and with the canteen being run by the national women and general committee member Stacey Sargeant (a local of Northam), the day continued to get better.

The open division had a different format this year with every game counting to see who would be the overall winner as there was to be no grand final. This format seemed to make every game more exciting with teams trying all day to better one another. The winner was only decided in the last game when the Wolves lost to team Yellow and therefore allowed team Black led by a number of national players take the win.

The mixed division had its standard format which allowed Wolves and Raptors finishing top of each of there pools. This meant they then had to play the second placed Roosters and Pirates from the opposing pools. In a surprising twist, the second placed teams both one and meant the grand final was played between the Roosters and Pirates. After the long day, the young age of the Roosters overtook the older Pirates team and the Roosters won the mixed division competition.

A massive thanks to the Northam Recreation Centre, Stacey Sargeant and David Hay for helping make the day possible. Without everyone there, this day can not be as good as it was!

See you all next year!

Summer League 2018/2019 Starting

The largest Floorball Australia based competition is starting this weekend in Perth.


This year will see 25 teams battle it out over 4 divisions.

Men’s Division 1 – 4 teams

Women’s Division 1 – 6 teams

Mixed Division 1 – 7 teams

Mixed Division 2 – 8 teams


With the sport growing in Western Australia, this year will be the biggest and best in WA floorball history, so come on down either Saturday or Sunday and check out some of the highest level of floorball in Australia.

Advanced Junior Training

Are you between the ages of 13 – 17 and are looking to take your floorball game to the next level? You may play at one of the many social competitions held in Perth or possibly in the FWA Summer League and are looking to get better. Well here is the best opportunity for you.

When – 9th December 2017
Time – 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Cost – $75.00
Where – Revolutions Sports 37 Lemnos St Shenton Park

On this day, FWA and Revo Sports have worked together to bring the Under 19’s National Mens coach over to run a 4 hr session for young people who would like to take and develop there skills.

Carl Hammarlund along with a number of WA National Players will work with two groups of around 25 people over 2 courts and teach and develop there floorball skills. These sessions will be aimed to maximise your floorball knowledge and look to further your skills in the sport.

If you are interested, please either email or contact Jason Petty on 0402 126 727 to book your spot!

Spots are limited