2015-16 Season

Known as the ‘A Division’ competition during the 2015-16 season, this changed to Division 1 for the 2016-17 season.

Pre-final standings:

2015/16 A Division


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Adrian BasterRaptors FC144048880
Jonathon VeronPirates133030600
Liam KayPirates143022520
Nic YeohRaptors FC133612482
Oliver DiffenRaptors FC1428144213
Cameron CreaghWestern Wolves FC142218402
Campbell MackenzieDragons FC121820380
Tim BotelerDragons FC8326380
Matt TreloarWestern Wolves FC12288362
Ben KosterichRoosters FC12268340
Kade EbelingRoosters FC121812300
Glen HollandsWestern Wolves FC131416309
Alex TaylorPirates101612281
Andy HaleDragons FC10208282
Marcus O’Neill2015-16 Season111216280
Andrew LaurichRaptors FC13208282
Matt SmithRaptors FC101216280
Jaxon McSwainWestern Wolves FC71610260
Matt MurrayWestern Wolves FC12168242
Jeffery BallDragons FC15148220
Nic MoranPirates7184220
Arvid JohanssonPirates13184226
Tim BallDragons FC101210220
Richard CramRaptors FC9164204
Luca Ray-HillsPirates13614200
Anthony BotelerDragons FC13414180
Josh HayRoosters FC14108184
Matt SaltRoosters FC126121819
Aaron MurrayWestern Wolves FC14412160
Andrew PriorPirates5124164
Michael NicoliWestern Wolves FC9104140
Frazer EmmsRoosters FC1086140
Nick NymanRaptors FC5104140
Justin ColemanDragons FC1284125
Tim HardyRaptors FC1284122
Kyle Van UdenWestern Wolves FC1464102
Josh DaveyWestern Wolves FC1582106
Sam ClairsRaptors FC946100
Liam CreaghWestern Wolves FC1264102
Sam PolglazeDragons FC112682
Rohan HendersonPirates86284
Dom MonterossoRoosters FC104480
Mike Van NortRoosters FC112680
James HollingsworthRoosters FC126280
Andrew HayRoosters FC144482
Trevor Lynn2015-16 Season114482
Morgan Emms2015-16 Season60664
Jason TateWestern Wolves FC34260
Patrick BasterRaptors FC12460
Daniel SteffanoniRoosters FC84262
Vladimir PlocekWestern Wolves FC110660
Niall GeddesWestern Wolves FC74264
Tim DoustDragons FC24040
Ash WelkeDragons FC14042
Lukas PfeifleRoosters FC104040
Sam WeightRoosters FC52240
Adam PearceDragons FC102242
Patrick Upton-DavisRaptors FC92248
Oliver HoffmanPirates10440
Keelan O’NeilPirates102240
Ryan WhitePirates94040
Pheobe HamiltonRoosters FC34040
Jon SaltRoosters FC32240
Guy Polglaze2015-16 Season30440
Jake KayPirates142020
Joel VermeulenDragons FC52027
Sara LaidlerWestern Wolves FC142026
Ethan YeohPirates120220
Simon GorskiPirates120222
William BeddoesPirates20220
Mitchell MerrittWestern Wolves FC00000
Sean CaseyRoosters FC140002
Jason PettyPirates20000
Charlie SutherlandRaptors FC70000
Harrison Caddy2015-16 Season10000
Sarah MoultonRoosters FC D90000
Mathew SalamonWestern Wolves FC30000
George MecerRaptors FC30000
Matt DaveyRedbacks FC10000
Fraser DudfieldRoosters FC20000
Keaton EblingRoosters FC10000
Owen BroomeRoosters FC00000
Stephen ThompsonPirates00000
Charlotte QuaifeRoosters FC20000
Alvin GohDragons FC00000
Shane BenfellWestern Wolves FC00000
Chris MacphersonDragons FC00000
Zach MerrittWestern Wolves FC00000
Michael Zwaan2015-16 Season00000
Oscar SmithRoosters FC00000
Harrison SargeantRaptors FC00000
Hugh WatkinsPirates00000
Christian NewlandRoosters FC00000
Matt ArnoldRaptors FC60002
Bryce Van UdenWestern Wolves FC00000
Jason ThompsonPirates00000
Charles Sutherland2015-16 Season00000