COVID-19 Update (14th March 2020)

URGENT UPDATE COVID-19 – Floorball WA (14th March 2020)

The current global situation associated with COVID-19 presents a unique challenge to our sporting community and public health in WA.

It is, therefore, extremely important that as a State Sporting Association, we attempt to mitigate risk to the health of our members in line with the Federal Department of Health and WA Department of Health guidelines and recommendations.

It is with deep sadness that the Floorball WA Board is announcing the cancellation of the remaining two finals weekends of the 2019/20 FWA Summer League competition. This decision, although hard, we feel is in the best interest of our member’s overall health and wellbeing. We cannot, in good conscious, provide a potential platform for the COVID-19 virus to gain entry into our community.

This decision was made after much discussion between the Floorball WA Board, external providers and in line with our risk matrix. Multiple outcomes, potential consequences and mitigating factors were discussed and voted upon. We fully understand that this may very well be conceived as being overly cautious, however, we must put the health and safety of our members first.

As a community, Floorball WA and its members share in their disappointment at not being able to showcase the best of the best in our sport at the Grand Final. Rest assured, we are extremely sympathetic to those teams who have unfortunately missed out on an opportunity to showcase their team’s considerable talent and determination.

Please note, that although being alert and cautious is recommended, this should not be a time to panic. Floorball WA at this time would like to make the following recommendation to all Floorball clubs, our members, sports administrators, players and volunteers:

1 – We recommend that due to the nature and progression of the virus over the recent days that clubs reconsider events, trainings and social within their own membership bases. This of course is only a recommendation and decisions should be made based on your own procedures and process.

2 – Continue to support each other, our sporting community is strong and this is the time where we show leadership in the face of adversity and provide an example to other Floorball organisations and sporting codes.

3 – Continue to regularly address the unveiling situation and stay up to date with health advice from the WA State and Federal Health Departments.

4 – Ensure you continue to practice good hygiene habits if you do decide to continue with events.

Any member that meets the WA State Government’s minimum requirements for testing or self-quarantine/self-isolation should self-exclude themselves from participating and seek further medical advice.

Currently in WA there has been no evidence of community transmission of the virus, however, it is recommended that health and hygiene best practice is followed.

Further advice can be sought from:

WA Health Department –…/…/Coronavirus

Australian Government Department of Health –

For general advice regarding COVID-19, call the Australian Government’s Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

We appreciate that this is an unfortunate outcome and thank you for your patience and understanding in the matter.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kyle Lister at or Jason Petty at