Hey, Floorball fanatics and enthusiasts! We’ve got some thrilling news to share that’s sure to amp up your game experience and take our beloved sport to even greater heights. Get ready to witness a new chapter in Floorball WA’s journey towards excellence as we introduce the Floorball WA Referee Panel for the 2023/24 Summer League Season! 🎉🏑

What’s the buzz all about, you ask? Well, hold onto your sticks because this is game-changing! In a stride towards enhancing the quality of our game, FWA has formed a stellar squad of referees—the Floorball WA Referee Panel—who will officiate all Division 1 Men’s and Women’s matches during the upcoming season.

Meet the Team Behind the Whistle

Wondering who’s making the calls on the court? Drumroll, please! The Floorball WA Operations Subcommittee has handpicked a team of dedicated referees to join the Floorball WA Referee Panel. These referees are set to raise the bar, ensuring top-notch officiating in Division 1 Men’s and Women’s games.

Referee NameClub Affiliation
Lars van der SarSharks
Toby Knox-LyttleSharks
Isaac ReynoldsSharks
David HayRoosters
Ben KosterichRoosters
Josh HayRoosters
Janelle MillerRoosters
Sarah GuilfoyleRoosters
Christian NewlandRoosters
Jack KeeneRoosters
James HollingsworthRoosters
Ruby GuilfoyleLambs
Glen HollandsLambs
Anthony BotelerLambs
Jaxon GeddesLambs
Mel CathieSDK
Fiona de CourcierSDK
Lexie ElliottDragons
Yasmin SkeneDragons
Adam PearceDragons
Hugh WatkinsPirates
Jason PettyPirates
Jono VeronPirates
Thomas MeyerPirates
Aiden HollingsworthFalcons
James WellmanFalcons
Peter HarrisRaptors
Patrick RaymentRaptors
David YoungRaptors
Katie WrightRaptors
Grace ParryRaptors

The Uniform

These expert Panel Referees will be donning a slick, new purple and white striped professional uniform fully sponsored by FWA’s latest sponsors 888 Crushing and Screening Equipment. The team at 888CSE have kindly decided to cover the cost of all FWA panel referee uniforms for the 2023/24 season. Thank you 888CSE!

Anthony Boteler, Glen Hollands, Aiden Hollingsworth

Our Mission and Vision

Here at Floorball WA, we’re fueled by a powerful mission and vision. Our goal is crystal clear: to elevate the refereeing standards in Western Australia. We aim to provide both new and existing referees with opportunities to learn, grow, and finesse their officiating skills.

How do we plan to achieve this, you ask? By fostering a team-like culture among referees. Through collaboration, training, feedback sessions, and open discussions on interpretations, Floorball WA is crafting a safe and supportive environment where referees can flourish and evolve.

The Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How

Let’s break it down:

What: The Floorball WA Referee Panel comprises individuals nominated by their clubs and appointed by Floorball WA. They’ll engage in rigorous training, observation sessions, and officiate Division 1 games.

Why: Identifying a critical strategic risk, our community highlighted the urgent need for competent and willing referees to sustain our competitions. The Floorball WA Referee Panel is our solution to bolstering the game we love.

When: The rollout of the Floorball WA Referee Panel commences during the 2023/2024 season, with a commitment to ongoing improvement year after year.

Where: Panel Referees will oversee Division 1 Men’s and Women’s games across various venues throughout the Summer Competition.

How: Through the Assignr Platform, Floorball WA Panel Referees will manage game availability and requests, ensuring a seamless officiating process. Have queries about Assignr? Our Operations Subcommittee is just a message away!

Join Us in this Exciting Journey

We’re thrilled to usher in this new era of elevated officiating in Floorball WA! With your support and enthusiasm, we’re confident that our referees will shine brighter than ever before.

So, gear up, cheer loud, and let’s make this season an absolute blast! Stay tuned for more updates and brace yourselves for some top-tier Floorball action. Together, let’s take the game to new heights! 🌟🏒

Yours Sincerely,

Floorball WA Team 🤩✨