Floorball WA – Organisational Values


W – Welcoming – We aim to welcome members and participants from all walks of life into our sporting community.

A – Accessible – We aim to ensure that all programs, competitions, trainings and events run by us are accessible, equitable and available to a variety of individuals.

F – Fun – We aim to deliver a fun, low cost Floorball experience to provide opportunities for West Australians to actively participate in safe and exciting team sport.

I – Integrity – We aim to act with integrity, honesty and with a significant level of probity within the boundaries of our respective code of conducts.

R – Respectful – We aim to be respectful and understanding in all our interactions and maintain a high standard of professionalism, competence and expertise which our community has come to expect.

S – Supportive – We aim to be supportive and well informed of our stakeholders needs, particularly our members and participants who access and utilise the services which we provide.

T – Teamwork – We aim to work together to promote, deliver and develop the profile of one of the fastest and finest sports in the world, Floorball.