It has come to our attention that an individual associated with Floorball WA has been charged with a number of offences considered to be Class 2 Offences under the Working With Children Check Act 2004 (WA). There is no information or indication that any of the charges related to the individual relate to their activities for Floorball WA or in relation to floorball generally.

The individual has been directed by Floorball WA to cease any activities (volunteer or non-volunteer) that is or may be considered to be ‘child-related work’ and Floorball WA will, in accordance with its obligations under the Act, notify the Working With Children Screening Unit in writing of its reasonable suspicion that a volunteer has been charged with an offence which makes it inappropriate for them to continue to carry out child-related work. It should be noted that Floorball WA has not received a Negative Notice or Interim Negative Notice in relation to the individual and is informing the Working With Children Screening Unit in accordance with its obligations.

In addition, Floorball WA Committee Executive met on Saturday 24 July to discuss this emerging situation and has, based on the information available to them and mindful of its duty of care and obligation to maintain a safe environment for its players, officials and community, suspended the individual from any activities relations to Floorball WA, including activities related to coaching, refereeing and playing. This suspension will be revisited should further information become available, including in relation to the charges.

I would like to note that while the charges have been laid, to Floorball WA’s knowledge the individual has entered no plea and no case has been proven. Floorball WA is taking actions to maintain its duty of care and is not taking a position on whether the alleged incidents have taken place or not.

It is Floorball WA’s position, in accordance with the Working With Children Check Act 2004 (WA), that no person will be engaged in child-related unless that individual has a current and valid Working With Children Check Card and does not (i) hold a current Negative Notice or Interim Negative Notice, (ii) have a pending charge or a conviction for a Class 1 or Class 2 offence and the person does not have a current Working With Children Check card or has not applied for one, or (iii) has withdrawn their application for a Working With Children Check. It is also Floorball WA’s position, per the Floorball WA Committee Handbook that all members of the Floorball WA Committee hold at all times a current Working With Children Check card.

If any person has information has a matter related to the individual, or any other matter that it wishes to report, it may do so through Floorball WA’s Member Protection Policy.

Some people in the Floorball WA community may be upset or affected by this information. If you feel like you need further support, there are a number of organisations who can help.

  • Beyond Blue:, 1300 22 4636
    Beyondblue also has a free online chat function for short-term counselling, information and referrals for anxiety and depression.
  • HelpingMinds:, 1800 811 747.
    HelpingMinds offers free and confidential support to the family and friends of people living with mental health challenges, across Western Australia.
  • SANE:, 1800 187 263.
    SANE provides support with complex mental health or trauma-related issues, even if you’re supporting a friend or family member, and can help with free counselling, peer support and referrals.

Other places for mental help support or to get help can be found here, via Act Belong Commit.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me via president@floorballwa.orgKind regardsJason Petty, FWA President