Floorball WA – Executive Board Members

There are currently two membership classes under the FWA Constitution:

  • Ordinary members
  • Associate junior members

There are no other classes, and new classes can be established only via a General Meeting.

Per the Floorball WA Constitution, the main differences between an ordinary member of the Association and an associate member (which, for Floorball WA, currently only includes junior members) is that associate members do not count towards quorum at a general meeting, (s.55) cannot vote at general meetings (s.8), cannot be a member of the management committee (s.4), and cannot be appointed as proxies for general meetings (s.53).

Per the Floorball WA Constitution, individuals can only become members of Floorball WA by being eligibile under section 4 and applying under section 5. Section 4 establishes that any person is eligible to apply for membership provided they support the objects and purposes of the Association, and that a person who has not reached 15 years of age cannot apply for a membership class that confers voting rights.

Individuals who want to become members of Floorball WA must apply using the form established by Floorball WA, which is via the Revolutionise platform. The application must include another member’s nomination of the applicant (s.5).

An individual only becomes a member of the Association after the management committee accepts the membership application (s.7). The management committee may request further information to help in assessing the application s.6(3), may choose to accept or reject the application (s.6(1), (5)), and must not accept applications where the individual is ineligble or is not conformant with the Constitution’s requirements (s.6(4)). The management committee must notify the applicant of the decision to accept or reject the application, but is not required to give the applicant reasons for its decision. (s.6(6-7)).