In an epic display of skill and determination, WA Exports concluded their highly anticipated floorball tournament in Singapore. With both victories and defeats on their final day, the teams showcased their talent and resilience until the very end. 

Elite Womens

The Elite Women’s team fought fiercely in their semi-final match against the formidable Dalen Moose. The crowd was on the edge of their seats as the two teams battled it out. Despite their best efforts, the WA Exports Elite Women were knocked out of the tournament, with Dalen Moose emerging as the victors. 

Elite Mens

Similarly, the Elite Men’s team faced a tough challenge in their semi-final encounter. They poured their hearts into the game but, unfortunately, fell short of advancing to the final. Their opponents displayed excellent skill, securing the win and leaving the WA Exports Elite Men to reflect on their efforts. 

Pro Womens

The Pro Women’s team, on the other hand, enjoyed a thrilling journey on their final day. In their highly contested semi-final match, they faced stiff competition against an impressive opponent. The game ended in a draw, leading to a nerve-wracking shootout. WA Exports’ Pro Women displayed incredible composure and skill, ultimately triumphing over their rivals with a decisive 5-3 victory. 

As they entered the final match, anticipation was high. The Pro Women’s team fought valiantly, unleashing impressive offensive plays and solid defense. However, despite their outstanding efforts, they were unable to snatch the final victory, falling just short. Nevertheless, they left the tournament with their heads held high, proud of their achievements and the indomitable spirit they displayed throughout. 

U21 Womens

The U21 Women’s team had an equally challenging journey, facing Pixbo in the semi-finals. In a tightly contested match, Pixbo managed to seize the victory with a final score of 5 to 3. Although the U21 Women were disappointed to be knocked out, they showcased incredible determination and teamwork throughout the tournament. 

U21 Mens Black

As for the U21 Men’s Black team, they embarked on a rollercoaster journey on their final day. In the semi-final match, they faced stiff competition but managed to emerge victorious with a close 4-3 scoreline. Despite entering the grand final with determination and focus, they faced a formidable opponent in Uster. The U21 Men’s Black team fought with all their might, but ultimately had to settle for second place, demonstrating admirable resilience and skill. 

U17 Mens

The U17 Men’s team, having dominated their competition in the group stage and semifinals, ultimately were defeated in the finals by Ansluda. Player of the match went to Flynn Craig with his end to end determined effort.

U15s Women

In a thrilling final, the Under 15 Girls’ team emerged as unequivocal champions. Brimming with talent and boundless energy, they dominated both the semi-final and final matches, securing the coveted first-place spot. The team’s outstanding performance left spectators awestruck and highlighted the bright future of floorball.

The U15 boys teams ended the tournament with a Floorball WA derby seeing the U15 Boys Black team pitted against the U15 Boys Gold, after U15 Black had narrowly missed out on a place in the semifinals. It was an intense game the whole way through with U15 Gold edging out in front to take the win.

As for the Pro Mens and U21 Mens Gold, both teams had an exquisite tournament fighting it out against skilled teams from around the world. Unfortunately neither made it to Semi Finals but will be back stronger and better than ever in 2024.

As WA Exports bid farewell to Singapore, they left with a wealth of experiences and valuable lessons learned. While their final day of the tournament brought both celebration and heartbreak, they showcased exceptional sportsmanship and camaraderie throughout. Undeterred by their losses, the teams returned home ready to build upon their successes and continue striving for greatness in future competitions. 

A link for the full gallery of Singapore Floorball Open 23 will be posted once all media has been collected. Congratulations to all those involved! As a final note, FWA would like to thank the State government, who through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and LotteryWest are major supporters of Floorball in WA. Sport and recreation creates vibrant, inclusive and connected WA communities.